My first Knitting Project

I started learning how to Crochet when I was 8 years old. My Grandma decided one day it was time to try to teach me. It is the first craft I remember ever learning, and once I did, I couldn’t stop wanting to try making other things with my very own hands.   Sadly, when my Grandma tried to teach me, I got frustrated too easily and could never get past a simple chain. I never stopped trying to learn more of it though…eventually finally figuring out what all those codes and symbols meant on my own from small pattern books that had been gifted to me. I taught myself the rest of Crochet by sheer diligence and wanting to make my Grandma proud. My Grandma was an Amazing woman and inspiration. I learned later in life, she was grew up in an Orphanage and every year, all year long, she would spend her time sewing and making dolls to give to the current Orphans for Christmas. She would drive there every year to pass them out, even up into her 80s. I had a favorite Aunt I loved dearly who always seemed to be Crocheting Afghans for others every time I saw her. She was never without a Crochet hook, yarn and darning needles. (I miss you tons Grandma Stokes and Aunt Virginia! Thank you for being such wonderful examples to me.)

The day I was born, she gave my Mom a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls which she made to celebrate my birth. That was 50 years ago now. They have a few holes in them now, but I still have them and cherish them dearly.Image

Since I had finally figured out Crochet, I decided I was tired of making square things all the time. I’d make up pillows, granny square slippers, and all sorts of other things, but they were always square in shape.  That got to be boring real fast.

I had noticed that knitted items seemed to achieve more rounded off projects and looked what I thought then was a more ‘classy’ and realistic look.  I figured, heck…if I could teach myself to crochet from pattern booklets, why couldn’t I figure out knitting the same way? That was back in the early to mid 1980’s. Books always had pictures of how to hold the hook or needles and yarn and a diagram of a few basic stitches with how to’s. From that I was able to quickly decipher how to do a simple knit and purl stitch, then made up my own ‘pattern’ (in my head..not on paper) for a scarf , which I gave to my little Sister. All it was was a very long, continuous line of knit 4, purl 4 repeated using a chunky yarn (probably a cheap acrylic. I really didn’t know any better back then). I asked my Sister if she could send me a picture of it for my Blog, but she said that it was damaged just the past few years…while being stored. Let’s say it was probably around 2010 or 2012. Thing is, up til then, it managed to stay in PERFECT CONDITION, never showing wear…all the way from being made in the mid 1980s! We think it was possibly 1986..maybe a year or 2 prior. It shocks me though. That cheap old first made scarf..made of an inexpensive acrylic yarn (I really couldn’t afford much back then either. It was probably a Red Heart by the pound one) lasted around 20 years, and if it wasn’t for a very bad pet cat, it probably would have lasted another 20 years..or MORE.

For those wondering, if I kept up the Knitting and Crocheting? I did put them aside for a few years..but I’ve been back into it again for over 10 years now and hoping to some day acquire a spinning wheel and even give spinning and dying my own yarn a try..from scratch~  Now I write patterns and am fiber groups in Ravelry and enjoy finding ways of combining many of my other craft loves altogether into one project.

The ‘fine’ print.

Why did I decide now, November 8th, 2013 to finally start my very first Blog?

Why was the very first thing I talked about Knitting and Crocheting?

In the past few days I’ve seen 2 contests wanting entries from a blog, and the most recent one asks you to blog about your very first knitting project. It’s sponsored by Interweave Store and I could win up to $200 of stuff from there by picking my top 5 favorite things in the online store. I figure..why not? I’ve been wanting to try having a blog anyway, and I ADORE things in the Interweave Store so much.  The deadline to enter was by midnight tonight btw. That’s why I did this now..right now..tonight! (none too soon either. It’s nearly 11pm here in Michigan)

Want to enter yourself or check out the great stuff at Interweave Store?

Just go to

Here’s what I’d choose for my 5 things from them if I won. 🙂

1) Apparel Sewing Elite Starter Kit  $109.00

Item Number: T0058-11SW07-BUNDLE

2) Sunflower Bracelet Kit Rose $30.00

Item Number: T1908

3) Cozy Knits Pacific Blue Kit $34.99

Item Number: T1964

4) Paper Bead Rolling Kit $8.13

Item Number: QM1085

5) Jane Austen Knits 2011 Digital Edition 14.99

tem Number: EP2721

Here’s the contest page : (and a sample of the contest text info)

1. WRITE out your story. Include a picture of your first knitting project from any stage in the knitting process (not a requirement but highly recommended).

2. PICK YOUR PRIZE PACKAGE:Go and select up to 5 individual items as your prize package; be sure to mention which 5 products you wish to win.

  • If you win, this is what we’ll send you so choose wisely (up to $200 max).

3. PUBLISH all this on your blog. If you waited like so many of us to start a blog, now’s a great time to start. We suggest the free, easy-to-use platformWordPress.

4. SUBMIT your entry by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Your name.
  • The link to the blog post you wrote.
  • Email address where you can be reached if you win.
  • Mailing address so we can confirm your eligibility* to win.

That’s it! Contest starts October 10, 2013, and ends November 8, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. When the contest has ended our Interweave panel of judges will select winners for each of these categories, and announce them on this page.


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